Here’s what your gift to Outpost for Hope supports:

ADVOCACY FOR THE RIGHT TO FILE A MISSING PERSONS REPORT We estimate there are over 1.5 million people who make up the shadow population of ‘missing missing’ and ‘kids off the grid’ who are missing and/or otherwise unaccounted for but are not listed in any official database.

RAISING PUBLIC AWARENESS about the exploitation and harm of innocent children and at risk persons, many of whom are suffering with mental illness and co-occurring disorders on the streets and may be lost among our homeless populations.

REDUCING THE CONSEQUENCES and outcomes of unreported missing persons that cause thousands to suffer exploitation, human trafficking and violence.

SAVING LIVES and families.

Thank you for also helping us to provide education and training tools for law enforcement officers and agencies; connecting families to self-help information, tools and resources; and most importantly, providing hope for those who are frustrated with the system that is in place for finding missing persons.  Your gift of any size will help.





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