Information for Family Members of Missing Persons




If you are looking for a lost loved one, we encourage you to utilize The Lost Among The Homeless Resource Guide for Families & Caregivers as your first step. The guide is designed to help you learn to navigate the system and contains important action steps to assist you in your search.

This booklet also contains critical 'Now What? Recovery Plan Guidelines", which can help you create a plan of action prior to bringing a loved one home or determining appropriate transitional living care and other re-unification strategies.



The Lost Among The Homeless Resource Guide for Families & Caregivers can be  immediately downloaded for FREE or you can purchase the Paperback Booklet Edition for $5.00.

We also invite you to document your story in our Missing Link Registry if you have experienced having a missing loved one who has been or is lost or otherwise 'off the grid', or is missing with a mental illness and/or a drug dependency issue.  We are collecting research about this problem in hopes that together, we can create better solutions that help at risk persons & their families to create more successful outcomes.

We do not post cases on our website as there are many complicated facets regarding the privacy of a lost person who may not actually be reported as missing.  However we do our best to share known missing persons cases with our social media network and to connect families who may have a lost loved one on the streets with helpful guidance and direction.  Visit our Facebook page and share your flyer with us there.

If your loved one is missing with mental illness, we encourage you to learn more about mental health reform and current treatment laws at Treatment Advocacy Center prior to locating your loved one. We also encourage you locate a local NAMI chapter in your community for additional education and support about mental illness.

If your loved one is missing with a dual diagnosis or has a drug dependency issue - we encourage you to become educated about addiction.  We invite you to visit Faces & Voices of Recovery to find recovery information and resources in your state.

We encourage you to go to the NamUs website to inquire about submitting your lost loved one into their missing person database.